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The Son Has Risen !

The Son has risen, a new day begins
And the warmth of the Son is felt from within.
The Son I speak of is Jesus our Lord.
He's the Son of God and the Savior of men.
The Son has risen and He's cleansed my soul.
He has promised that Heaven will soon be my home.
So I will follow where ever He leads,
I'm trusting in Jesus to meet all my needs.
The Son has risen, the last day is near.
Soon our Lord will be coming for God's children here.
The gates of Heaven will burst open wide
and the Son of God will lead us inside!
For He gave His life on Calvary's cross,
where He paid the price for sinners lost.
He shed His blood for you and me,
our Savior died on Calvary.
The Son, God's Son Has Risen !

Palmer's Poetry

Jesus is...

Jesus is the Son of God, conceived in Mary and born of a virgin birth.
He was sent as God's sacrificial lamb to save all of mankind on earth.
The Holy Ghost planted the seed so that Jesus would be born of flesh
And then after a time of doing God's work, He died a horrible death.
First He healed the sick, caused the blind to see and the lame to walk.
He brought Lazarus back to life, made the deaf hear and the dumb talk.
Jesus taught God's new testament, people came from miles around.
The people would gather in large multitudes wherever Jesus was found.

In His quest to do His work, He recruited twelve disciples to help Him teach.
He walked on water, calmed the sea and performed miracles for all men to see.
All of His disciples witnessed this and then they knew,
That there was nothing that Jesus, the Son of God couldn't do.
When they witnessed His crucifixion they saw the greatest miracle of all.
They saw Him killed and placed in a tomb and a stone sealed the tombs wall.
But on the third day after they seen Jesus die, His body couldn't be found.
He had broken the grasp of the fingers of death, Jesus was walking around.

He was born the Son of God as a Man, to die for the sins of mankind on earth.
The death He endured on Calvary's cross was God's plan to redeem man's worth.
The blood Jesus shed on Golgotha's hill, washed all mankind's sins clean.
All that's required of us today is to believe in Jesus and we are redeemed.
Because Jesus is the Son of God and because He died on the cross for me.
I'll live my life on earth by His example so that I'll achieve eternity.
Because I believe what the Bible says, that Jesus is the only way to Heaven.
And according to God's word by believing in Jesus, eternity is freely given.

We'll walk the golden streets of Heaven if we live life believing Jesus is!

A Stone's Throw Away !

I'm just a stone's throw away
From Heaven's pearly gates.
So I'll exercise my patience,
Keep serving God and wait.
For the moment when Jesus
Takes us all away.
Oh what a wonderful day!

I'll keep fending off the devil,
I'll defeat him with my sword.
For I know that he has no defense
Against my Savior's word.
But he'll try to deceive me and tempt me every day.
But I know that Heaven is
Just a stone's throw away.

Palmer's Poetry

Top of the World

There's something in the way God's touched my soul,
That's given me the strength to reach my goal.
Just to serve Him is my plea, I know Heaven waits for me.
His love puts me up on top of the world!
There's something in His name that sets me free,
His amazing grace is magnified to me.
Just to know Jesus is mine, helps me through the trying times.
He is everything that life could ever be.
When Jesus comes for all that's His to claim,
I know that He will surely call my name.
And I'll rise with my King, rejoicing as I sing.
Rise to live with Him for all eternity.
I'm on the top of the world looking down on creation
And the only explanation I can find.
Is the love that I've found, Since Jesus has been around,
Has just put me up on top of the world!
Jesus puts me up on top of the world!

Palmer's Poetry

Me and Jesus

I was lost out in the world, lost in sin and full of doubt.
Then Jesus saw me, He reached down His hand.
I believed in Him and He lifted me out.
Jesus died for all our sins, they crucified Him on a cross.
He shed His blood that we might live,
no greater gift can anyone give.
Jesus has a better way if you'll serve Him every day.
His path is brighter and free of sin.
He'll fill your life with joy and give you peace within.
If you'll praise Him and do His will,
He'll shower you with His love and peace so still.
You'll want to serve Him when He's touched your soul.
I'm following Jesus, Heaven is my Goal.
Me and Jesus have got a good thing going,
Me and Jesus have got it all worked out.
Me and Jesus have got a good thing going
and I'm telling all my friends, exactly what it's all about.

Palmer's Poetry

A Sinner Came Home

Yesterday, a sinner came home from the world
And he's leaving his old habits far behind.
And I thank the Lord above for His mercy and His love.
And for the day, a sinner came home from the world.
I was drinking and conspiring to play those worldly games
and though the world condones it, in my heart I bare the shame
and I know the world would have me, so I pray in Jesus' name.
That the wants and lust inside me for this world can be restrained.
Well I'd lied, I'd cheated and betrayed my closest friend.
And if I had continued surely death would be my end.
But my parents raised me better so in my heart I'd know,
That the treasures of this world are only imitation gold.
Yesterday a sinner came home from the world
And he's leaving his old habits far behind.
I thank the Lord above for His mercy and His love.
And for the day a sinner came home from the world.
And today you can come home from the world!

Palmer's Poetry

God's Golden Rule

At the end of each week it's back to school,
where the teacher is teaching the golden rule.
We'll sit in our seats and sing a few songs
and greet other people as they come along.
All of us here are of one accord,
we'll gather here often to worship the Lord.
Everyone here shares a common belief,
we'll sing out His praise and surrender our grief.
Then it's off to class to study His word,
a time when praises and prayers are heard.
In class we'll tell how He's changed our lives,
how He's blessed us this week, we'll testify.
We gather each week as firm believers,
to renew our strength against the deceiver.
Lust, greed and lies are the tools of his trade,
through all of these sin's temptations are made.
God gives us hope by His grace we are saved,
through faith in Jesus the victory's waved.
On a cross made from an old dogwood tree,
He hung until He died for you and me.
He was scourged and beaten within an inch of His life,
nailed to the cross and crucified.
He was born to die as our sacrifice,
to offer mankind eternal life through Christ.
If by faith we believe He died for our sins,
then by grace we're saved and will enter in.
We'll walk into Heaven through it's pearly gates,
on streets of gold we'll claim our estate.
God's plan of salvation will be made complete,
life with Christ will be eternally sweet.
The price for all this is for you to believe,
it's meant as a gift so don't be deceived.
God has created all that we see, all that's left up to us.

Palmer's Poetry

Imagination And Prayer

Just attach your imagination to a prayer,
then picture Jesus walking and put yourself right there.
Now if youíll reach out, I know Heíll understand
and in your mind Heíll start to lead you by the hand.
Let this picture in your mind begin to grow,
imagine the Lord is with you everywhere you go.
Then as each new subject comes through the day,
you can turn to Him and see what Jesus has to say.
If youíll learn to share His lifestyle as you walk,
as the days go by it becomes easier for you to talk.
And soon your imagination becomes reality,
you see Jesus is truly there for you and me.
The light of His love shields His believers,
if we cling to the light weíre safe from the deceiver.
And as long as sin's temptations come our way,
if weíre hand in hand with Jesus, I know weíll be o.k.
To say that weíre o.k. is an under-statement,
you see walking in Godís will brings us placement.
Heíll set our feet on solid ground, until we see Jesus headed down.
When He comes back donít look for me, Iím heaven bound.
So Lord help me lock these words into my mind,
let me repeat them everyday until itís time.
To remind me of your will, so Iíll be ready still
for when your Son comes back to Golgothaís hill.

Palmer's Poetry

Our America

Yes America is beautiful, this place that we call home.
Designed by our ancestors as a place free men could roam.
In search of their own happiness in wealth, family or fame.
Where the people make the rules that govern financial gain.
It starts with the human rights all men receive at birth.
Not just Americans, but all of mankind on earth.
We're all created equally is what the bible says
and Iíll take Godís inspired word as the truth always.
For well over two centuries now men have fought and died,
just for the right to choose and a thing called American pride.
Itís our God given right, He gives us freedom of choice.
Which we should echo to the world in a loud Christian voice.
In God we trust so we claim, or is it only in times of need?
Do we just ask for his help when trouble begins to breed?
Iím glad Heís all forgiving, as itís stated in His word.
What if He just gave back according to the praise Heís heard?
As for me Iíll praise Him daily, every hour wonít be to much.
You see the bible tells me that things are going to get rough.
Itís hard enough already, what chance is there without His Son?
I choose to believe in Jesus and to know that each fightís pre-won!
Yes America is beautiful, because of the God we trust.
Without Him what would we have found in the trade towers dust?
I pray that all Americans remember God has lead us here.
Itís time to remind the world, itís only our God that weíll fear.
Itís only our God that weíll fear, America is beautiful!

Palmer's Poetry

Is He Disappointed

Am I a disappointment to the King of Kings?
I pray and try to live as He did, then do it differently.
In time you think Heíd be disgusted, when I do this repeatedly.
Most of mankind loses hope, but not the King of Kings.
He knew it would be difficult for me to walk His path,
but faithfully Heís there to help every time I ask.
And there is nothing He canít do or can not over come.
He can and will conquer all as Godís only begotten Son.
God knew before conception what kind of man Iíd be.
And even then He chose to love and breathe life into me.
Our Father knew that we would sin and fall short of His mark.
Thatís why He sent Jesus to help us through this worldly part.
His path is narrow, straight and true so He gives me the choice.
Itís said to be hard to follow, but not if I heed His voice.
If I am tuned into His guidance, itís just a simple stroll.
Itís my choice to follow Jesus and let Him lead me home.
He knew it would be difficult for me to walk His path,
but faithfully Heís there to help every time I ask.
And there is nothing He canít do or can not over come.
He can and will conquer all as Godís only begotten Son.

Palmer's Poetry

Does He Love Us?

He sent His only Son to die on Calvary.
Does our Heavenly Father, truly love you and me?
Jesus was sent to be a sacrifice for our sins.
If we faithfully accept this, we'll live eternally!

Jesus once asked Peter, do you love me?
His answer was, Lord you know I do.
Jesus replied, feed My sheep then if you will.
I believe He wants the same from me and you.

If He can see that you love Him by the life you've led?
Then He'll represent us when our judgement is read!
Does our Heavenly Father truly love us?
He sent His only Son to die on Calvary.
Jesus was sent to be a sacrafice for our sins.
If we faithfully accept this we'll live eternally!

It's easy to say that you love Jesus, but harder to show.
If you cling to the love of God, it's light will surely grow.
The Christian love is sure to come shining through.
You won't need to proclaim it, they'll see God's love in you!

I pray that I'll return all the love He freely gave.
At least enough that in the end
He'll save me from the grave.

Does our Heavenly Father truly love you and me?
He sent His only Son to die on Calvary.
Jesus was sent to be a sacrafice for our sins.
If we faithfully accept this we'll live eternally!

Does He Love Us?.... I Know He Does.

Palmer's Poetry


He tells us to forgive them, should they do us wrong.
As He has forgiven us, each day all along.
Forgive any wrong doers that you might stumble on.
Forgive them and forget it, then move along.

To harbor hard feelings can do your heart harm,
It's designed to hold the love that God has shown!
There's no room for any hatred or pain.
To harbor these feelings brings destruction not gain.
High blood pressure and heart disease,
Is what anger will promote.
In His inspired words that His disciples wrote.

He commands us to forgive because it's the Christian way.
If you'll follow God's plan He'll add years to your days.
So don't be quick to anger or waist time on hate,
Harboring ill feelings could become your twist of fate.

Christ forgave the men who killed Him
As He hung dying for man kinds sin.
With this for an example,
Who should we not have forgiven?

Palmer's Poetry

By Faith

It would have been an honor,
To walk beside our Lord.
And to have witnessed,
The miracles that He performed.
To have seen Him feed five thousand,
With a few fish and bread,
Or too watch as He told Lazarus,
To rise from his death bed.

To have drank from the cup,
When He turned water into wine.
Or watch the stone roll aside,
At His resurrection time.
To have seen the miracles,
He performed here on earth.
Would have made it plain to see,
That God's Son was with us.

I'll accept these things by faith,
Because of what I've read.
And the feeling He gives me,
As His voice echoes in my head.
It's not an audible sound,
But it's still loud and clear.
It's the voice of reason
That every Christian seeks to hear.

Jesus is my reason,
To grasp the right and shun the wrong.
He'll help me too decide
As each new trial comes along.
With each test I pose the question,
"What would Jesus do?"
The answer is always high in morals
And simple to choose.

The Christian path is well lighted
And easy to see.
The light of God's love proceeds
One step ahead of me.
If the light of His love
Should ever start to grow dim.
Then I need to correct my walk
To catch back up to Him!

The men who walked with Jesus
While He was here on earth.
Had thier precious moments
And His miracles for proof.
You and I rely on faith
And by choosing to believe,
We can find security
In His promise, eternally!

Palmer's Poetry

The Calling

The Bible is a great book,
Of Godís inspired word.
Left by His Disciples so,
His message could be heard.
It was Godís intention,
To share His plan through out the land.
His word was written by a few,
But meant for everyone.

Some are called to serve God in a special way.
When He calls you will you hear what He has to say?
If He calls for you to sweep or teach His word someday?
Will you recognize His voice or simply turn away?

What kind of job would it take for you to hear His call?
Iíd like to think I would accept any job at all.
Would it take prestige before I would accept the task?
Or will I just be honored that He called on me and ask!

As a member of His church, Iím part of Godís family.
A family member who will accept his chores most readily.
Any job for the church, it makes no difference at all.
That smile on my face is there 'cause God gave me a call!

If youíll listen, Heíll speak to you
And youíll be smiling too!
Start smiling and listen, is that God calling you?

Palmer's Poetry

I Believe

Just over two thousand years ago,
under a star filled sky.
A couple looks for a room that
they might stay in for the night.
They were in the town of Bethlehem,
a carpenter and his wife.
She was the virgin Mary,
chosen of God to bear His Son's life.

There was no room in the Inn
and She needed to rest her head..
They took a stall in a local barn
where a manger would be His bed.
Heavy with child and no where to turn,
they fulfilled a prophecy.
It's written, He'd be found in a manger
and was not by a man conceived.

Shown to a few the prophecy came true,
they went to see this great joy.
And the Wise men journeyed from afar,
when they came to see the Boy.
They brought gifts of myrrh and frankincense,
and jars of precious oil.
To honor the birth of Christ,
conceived by God's Spirit as His child.

His life was brief here on earth,
it was just thirty three years.
He was sent as the lamb of God,
to be the ultimate sacrifice here.
By the flow of His blood as He hung on the cross,
all sins are forgiven.
Believing He lived and died by God's will
and by clean Christian living.

We can expect to accept God's gift
and live with Jesus in Heaven.
This isn't a privilege we'll earn,
it's God's gift that's freely given.
Conceived by a Spirit in a virgin mother
may be quite hard to perceive.
For the promise of life eternal with Christ,
I pray my life shows I believe.

That over two thousand years ago,
under a star filled sky,
The couple looking for a room
and a stall was all they'd find.
Was Joseph and Mary
and according to God's word.
On that night Mary gave birth
to Jesus Christ our Lord.
I Believe!

Palmer's Poetry

How Big Is Our God?

He instructed Noah to build an ark to carry pairs,
To replenish the earth after
His flood recedes from there.
At the Red Sea, He parts the waters
allowing the Jews to pass,
Then He drowns Egypts army
that pursued the fleeing mass.
Joshua tells his people to march around Jericho,
As God had told him to,
and the walls came down we know.
Samson fought an army
with just a jawbone in his hands,
He prevailed over them
because of a pact between God and him.

Then God used David and his sling
to kill a giant taunting Israel,
A giant with a sword and armor, but Goliath still fell.
As for Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego,
He cools the flames in the furnace
where they were thrown.
And then He tamed the lions den
where Daniel had been.
How big is our God? We may never comprehend.
I'm just glad that He made me to worship Him.

He spoke this world into being,
from the dust created man,
To have dominion over all and to populate the lands.
He set a standard we should live by to achieve eternity,
Then He sent His only Son to ransom you and me.
Clearly He intends His plan for mankind to succeed.
It's a gift for all who will accept Him and believe.
How big is our God? He is the Trinity!

Palmer's Poetry

What's a Season?_

This year April's been as windy as March was.
Could that mean that
May might be a bit like June?
If June gets here to soon,
will July be that far behind?
And will this August be so hot
that it fries our minds?

In September will relief start to come our way?
Will October begin to say that
Winter's coming someday?
And will November leave us longing
for those sunny days?
Can we expect the cold December
to be headed back this way?

Will January be raging through,
leaving cold for February too?
Come next March will the winds
know what they need to do?
These are the seasons
God has sent us from above.
All to often we complain of what
He created out of love.

It's the growth the seasons allow that sustains us.
Through the creations of His love,
God feeds us from above.
What's to come of a graceless race,
of people such as us?
Only love for His love can save us!
In His Coming Season!

Will next April be as windy
as March has been again?
How far off is the time when
Christ gathers believers in?
Is it very long before
His eternal season begins.
The beginning for the end of
all man's mortal sins.
The eternal season is coming!

Palmer's Poetry

My Prayer

Lord help me to not be judgemental
Of things other people do.
I'd rather stay focused on heaven
And learn from the Bible and You.
Help me to follow the examples
You set while You were here.
Keep me in the light of Your love
As I walk past worldly fears.

My God has promised life eternal,
After a brief time here on earth.
If I live my life to show I trust Him
And the miracle of His Son's birth.
Not by sight or touch must I depend,
But by the faith I have with-in.
By faith alone I will trust in God,
Until His Son comes back again.

My God inspired men to write the words
We read in the Bible.
Left to show us in His way of life
That everyone will be liable.
He will judge each individual
When judgement day has come.
Except for those that Jesus says
I died for the sins of this one.

By grace we're saved by the blood
That Jesus shed on Calvary.
Through the miracle of a virgin birth
The Son of God came to be.
Jesus lived and died by the will of God
To fulfill early prophecies.
Creating life eternal by grace
For all sinners who chose to believe!

So my daily prayer is that the will of God
Guides me day by day.
I pray that the path I've chosen,
Leads straight too heaven's gate.
Where I'll live life forever,
In the presence of Jesus eternally!
By God's design I chose to live by faith,
So let it be!

Palmer's Poetry

Please Test My Faith

It's through trials and tribulations that my faith grows every day.
As each test comes to try my will, I ask for your guidance to lead the way.
With the wisdom of your words to follow, each trials victory is complete.
With each victory my faith strengthens and my temptations taste defeat.
Satan is persistent to try me, but you guide me strait to victory.
Without my faith in Jesus, I'm sure his task would be quite easy.
But your love draws me to you, where I stand in your spiritual tower.
And the trials the devil sends my way, are no match for your loving power.
So I pray daily for the spiritual strength, to lift my faith in you Jesus.
All Christians depend on your strength, to defeat the one who tempts us.
Through the lust for flesh or greed for wealth, Satan lies to try and win me.
But the love Christ showed us on the cross, has always set me free!
There's no gold or treasure that will ever out-measure, the gift of eternal life.
For believing that Jesus died for my sins, I can release all grief and strife.
To show that we believe in Him, Jesus sustains us for living as Christians.
He'll fight our battles and win them, His love and blessings are freely given!
So please test my faith daily, it strengthens my belief in who You are.
It reassures me that the journey I've chosen for eternal life, isn't very far.
Your path is straight and narrow, but as long as I don't stray,
The bible plainly tells me it leads straight to Heaven's gates!

Palmer's Poetry


With a word God spoke this world into being,
He said, let there be light and then confirmed that this was good.
With the sun, moon and stars He divides the light of day from night.
We can't even begin to imagine the beauty of this sight.
Then God conformed a firmament and called it's name heaven.
Waters he gathered around dry land to which the name earth was given
He formed oceans, seas, rivers and streams to have water close on hand.
Then placed trees, grass, shrubs and fruit all across the land.
On the fifth day of His work, He creates sea creatures abundantly
And the fowl of all kinds to fly above all his creations freely.
God makes great whales and fish to flourish in the waters and seas
He commanded each to multiply, that's how life came to be.
On the sixth day He created cattle and all forms of creeping things.
To roam the earth and reproduce, each creature after it's own being.
Then He forms a man from the dust, in the likeness of His image,
Creating him to live in His garden, giving this man everything.
In six days God made this and more, on the seventh day He rested.
Giving man dominion over all except for one tree, He insisted.
Then the serpent tempted man's mate to eat of God's forbidden fruit.
Tricked into trying what was forbidden, all hell broke loose.
Adam was cast out of eden, the serpent was made to crawl.
Woman would know the pain of birth because she broke God's law.
What took God six days to make, man has miss used since his time began.
Looking back over the years I wonder, why did God bother creating man.
More often than not men deny God, never giving Him any mention.
Still He sends His Son to die, creating salvation through redemption.
He intended for us to worship Him as our only supreme being.
Only the love of a Father would think to offer such a simple thing.
To simply accept the birth of Christ and live life accordingly,
God has offered to all mankind, life in Heaven eternally.
How much easier could He have made it for us to follow his will?
Not to be judgmental, but it seems to me that many will still fail.
This was never God's intention, but His word will never change.
I pray that I will measure up, on God's judgment day!

Palmer's Poetry


Do you believe in miracles and if so,
where do they come from?
I believe in them and as I understand it,
they're the work of God.
If you don't believe their possible,
I think you'll never see one.
For I've been told, you must believe
before a miracle can be done.
I'm not sure how anyone
could believe they don't exist,
All it takes is a quick look about
to see the miracles around us.
I guess it's possible, you could believe
everything just came to be,
From out of the darkness they just appeared,
things like the trees.
Did a tree just appear one day
or was it just a seed?
If it just popped in, who said for it's growth,
water would be a need?
All of nature works together
as a fine tuned, functional dwelling.
If you can't see this miracle,
I'll be surprised if you see anything.
People want to teach evolution,
that took a million years to come about.
I believe it took just six days for God,
to create this world inside-out.
But not wanting to force His will on us,
He gave mankind the choice.
You can choose to believe in evolution,
or choose to hear God's voice.
You must want to hear Him,
listen close because He won't shout.
His voice will ring true as our Father,
as for me there is no doubt.
A million years of evolution
before we came to be, or God created man.
It amazes me how people question this,
I just don't understand.
Just believing in and praying for,
may not be quite enough still,
The foremost need to ever miracle is,
it must be within God's will.
Do you believe in miracles,
it's plane for me to see?
If you don't, you'll still be here
when Jesus comes for me!

Palmer's Poetry

No Mountain to High!

When Jesus found me,
I was headed for the gates of hell,
But He still came, because of prayers
Being prayed for me.
The life I was leading, kept mom
At the alter and on her knees,
If it had not been for God and her,
My fate was sealed I believe.
There was a time if I'd sank any lower,
I'd be walking in the flames,
But mom never ceased praying and
God got my full attention one day.
It took me to the edge of death and
Taking things I took for granted away,
It took challenging me to survive,
Before I started to get it straight.
I was living to satisfy my flesh and
My spirit was pushed away,
I was living for the flesh that would
Become corrupt and die someday.
I believe the life eternal that
God has planned is a spiritual thing,
So this crippled body you see before you
Is my salvation you are seeing.
If these words of poetry I write,
Can turn one soul to the Jesus plan,
Then I've performed a work for Him and
Helped to save another man.
The first man I helped was me,
By accepting and submitting to God's will.
If by example I can persude another,
Then I'm doing His work still.
It amazes me how God can use
Any vessel where He abides,
Reasuring me that with God's love,
There's no mountain to high.
There's no measure of sin,
That God's love can't span the gap.
If we'll listen, He can guide us through
All of satan's traps
The Principalities that satan commands,
We are no match for them
But the love of God will defeat
Satan's angels and him.

Palmer's Poetry

I'm Greatful For!

I'm greatful for the sixth day of creation, when God created man.
I'm greatful for all that He created and that eternal life was part of His plan.
I'm greatful He chose mankind to have dominion over everything He made,
That we're only second to God and just to serve Him, is all He ask in trade.

I'm greatful for God's mercy, everytime man's failed Him through the years.
I'm greatful for the patience and forgivness He's shown, since He put me here.
All I've mentioned above are things I faithfully believe and that I truely feel.
I'm greatful that it is in-stilled in my heart and mind that God is for real.

There are those who question if God exist, I'm greatful I don't question this.
The relationship I have with Him, reassures me that my God is not a myth.
His reality is so simple to see, once He lives with-in your heart,
Even if you haven't invited God in, denying He exist isn't very smart.

God has destroyed cities and armies, when pushed beyond reproach,
Sodom and Gamora became graves and Egyptian armor doesn't float.
The Philistenes watched their champion fall, at the hands of a sheperd boy,
If the bible is God's inspired word, none of His enemies new lasting joy.

I'm greatful that God sent His only Son, to be our sacrifice.
Creating a path to eternity, by simply following the examples of his life.
If we accept the bible to be the truth, the birth of Christ and His death too,
Then as Christians we can be greatful that all God's promises are true!

Palmer's Poetry

My Extended Family

Hey friend, I'm glad you thought of me
When you thought of family.
As Christians thats what we are you see.
The distance between us from your porch to mine
Is no more than a step that Christian love easily climbs.
It may hinder the visits that we might spend together,
But nothing can touch the bond that we share.
The next time you think that you're missing me,
Place a hand on your heart and you'll see
That I'm still right there.
You may ask yourself how long this will last?
How long before all the memories pass?
As for me these treasures are way to rich,
Nothing of our past would I ever switch.
The times we shared in our yesterdays,
Will be in my heart until I'm on my way
Into eternity!

Palmer's Poetry

Farewell My Friend

God gives us hope by His grace we are saved,
Through faith in Jesus the victory's waved.,
On a cross made from an old dogwood tree, ,
Jesus hung until He died for you and me.,
He was scourged and beaten within an inch of His life, ,
Nailed to the cross and crucified.,
He was born to die as our sacrifice, ,
To offer mankind eternal life through Christ.

If by faith we believe that He died for our sins, ,
Then by grace we are saved and we will enter in.,
We'll walk into Heaven through it's pearly gates, ,
On streets of gold we'll claim our estate.,
God's plan of salvation has been made complete, ,
Life with Christ will be eternally sweet.,
The price for all this is for you to believe, ,
It's meant as a gift so don't be deceived. ,
God has created all that we see, all that's left up to us.
Is just to believe!

With this in mind it's easy to see why
Christ is called the living well.,
To drink from the cup of his living spirit
Will save our souls from hell.,
To accept that He was the great sacrafice,
Leads to eternal life.,
If we cling to His eternal love,
We'll cross over to the other side.
For eternity we'll walk with Christ
And sing praises to His name.
All of God's beauty will surround us
For all the time that remains.
And for evermore we'll never know
Any sickness, pain or sorrow.
Every yesterday will be just as sweet as each tomorrow.

So farewell my friend, until we meet again,
When we both shall neal to worship in searvitude.
At the foot of the thrown of the King of Kings.
Where I know that you will have heard these words.

From the 12 Days Of ,
Christmas To Eternity!

The 12 drummers drumming, cause me to recall a drummer boy, ,
Who had no gift fit, for the newborn king of Kings. ,
So he played on his drum ......... for the Child of God, ,
He played from his heart, he drummed a Heavenly melody.

And 11 pipers piping brings to my memory, ,
Not 11 but all the trumpets, blown by the Angels of our King, ,
Just before Jesus is seen descending, ,
As He returns for you and me.

10 lords a leaping makes me think of the multitudes, ,
That will be ascending, as we're changed into our Heavenly bodies. ,
When God's children rise up to meet,,
Jesus as He is returning .

9 ladies dancing has me contemplating, ,
The sounds of those of us found worthy, rising and celebrating. ,
8 maids a milking brings a thought to my mind, ,
Of all of us that have received, the milk of God's word. ,
While walking through this earthly test of time.

And with 7 swans a swimming, I can clearly see, ,
Jesus walking on the waters, in the sea of Galilee. ,
Where 6 geese a laying, returns me to Bethleham, ,
Back to a stall in a barn, where the miracle of His birth began.

5 golden rings has me imagining, Heaven's golden streets, ,
Just waiting there someday, for all true Christians to see. ,
Now 4 calling birds has me, easily thinking of the day, ,
When I heard the voice of my Lord, clearly calling me.

The 3 french hens, does not recall any Bible story, ,
Except for the fact that the number 3, reflects the Holly Trinity. ,
And the 2 turtle doves ......... is a symbol of love, ,
That doesn't even come close to the example given, ,
When Jesus died on Calvary.

And the partridge in a pear tree, is a poor description, ,
Of when the innocents of our Savior, ,
Stretched His arms out on the cross, ,
As a sacrifice for you and me.

The drummers, pipers, lords, the ladies and maids.,
The swans, the geese and those golden rings,,
Followed by a host of birds and a pear tree.,
Are all fictional things, of a man made Christmas theme.

But the true meaning of Christmas,,
Is the Virgin birth of the King of Kings.,
And if your life style shows, that this is what you believe,
It will leave you walking with Christ, throughout eternity.

God's Lamb

He was meant to be the final sacrifice, born of a virgin birth.
Conceived in Mary by the spirit of God, sent to save the earth.
Even as a child, His words would confound the wisest men of His time.
He taught love and forgiveness, He was born of King David's blood line.

In just a few years, He had multitudes of people willing to listen and learn.
His touch healed the sick, the crippled and caused sinful lives to turn.
When they heard the simple truths He spoke and saw broken bodies mend.
It was simple to see that a man called Jesus, was truly Heaven sent.

He called upon simple men of the world, to serve as disciples to Him.
He called men who caught fish for a living and made them fishers of men.
They were sent out to towns of Israel, to teach where they would be heard.
And if not well received, to shake the dust from their heals as they leave.

The governmental powers with immoral concerns, tried to discredit His truth.
They falsely accused Him of breaking the laws, but truly they had no proof.
His short mortal life is Biblical history, how He was tortured and crucified.
Nails driven trough His feet and hands, on a cross He hung there and died.

Death had no hold on God's Son, on the third day He rose from the grave.
He still had God's prophecy to fulfill, He has risen for mankind to be saved.
Now Jesus is back in Heaven, He's preparing places for all who believe.
On streets of gold there's a mansion, that someday as a Christian I'll receive.

By the word of God in a book called the Bible, we've been told these things.
I'll be given a Heavenly dwelling as God promised me, it's not just a dream.
There's no task or work for me to complete, it's all freely given you see.
Just for living this life by the examples of Christ, to show that I truly believe.

Living Waters

God made it nessesary for all living things to need water.
It's a needed source of nourishment for all living things He made.
With out some source of water, life would dry up and blow away.
The cycle of precipitation sustains God's creations day by day.

Life seems to flourish around a river, a well or a spring,
It's the rivers and lakes that supply water for all living things.
The oceans seed the atmosphere to make clouds that carry rain
Inland to drop water and snow in the mountains for all living things.

Rather it be plant, man, animal or fish, water's very nessesary.
Life would end for everything real fast if water ceased to be.
This is how it was since time began and will be through eternity.
As God created everything he intended for water to be nourishing.

With this in mind it's easy to see why Christ is called the living well.
To drink from the cup of his living spirit will save our souls from hell.
To accept that He was the great sacrafice, leads to eternal life.
If we cling to His eternal love, we'll cross over to the other side.

For eternity we'll walk with Christ and sing praises to His name.
All of God's beauty will surround us for all the time that remains.
And for evermore we'll never know any sickness, pain or sorrow.
Every yesterday will be just as sweet as each tomorrow.

Palmer's Poetry

Jesus' Extended Family

Hey friend, I'm glad you thought of me
When you thought of family
As Christians thats what we are you see
The distance between us from your porch to mine
Is no more than a step that Christian love easily climbs
It may hinder the visits we might spend together
But nothing can touch the bond that we share
The next time you think that you're missing me
Place a hand on your heart and you'll see
I'm still right there
You may ask yourself how long this will last
How long before all the memories pass
As for me these treasures are way to rich
Nothing of our past would I ever switch
The times we shared in our yesterdays
Will be in my heart until I'm on my way
Into eternity

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